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Online Baccarat

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The Secrets of Online Baccarat 2024

You discovered baccarat by looking at the table games page of your favorite casino or simply by watching James Bond (baccarat casino royale reminds you of something?), but you don’t know how to play it? It is true that we tend to believe that this game is more complicated than it really is! But the baccarat game is actually quite simple to understand. 

Our experts have prepared a complete review to help you discover this still too little-known game (it’s one of the best free online games )! So hang on tight because we even give you the techniques to win every time…

How to Win at the Baccarat Game? 

As with many casino games, our first tip would be to practice free baccarat. Indeed, many casino games require a bit of practice. So before playing live casino baccarat here are some tips to consider:

Know who to bet on

In baccarat, a trendy casino game, you can bet in three different ways:

  • On the Ponte – Player: The odds of the player winning are around 44.62%, which makes betting on him relatively lucid.
  • On the bank – dealer: With a 45.85% chance of winning, the bank starts with a slight advantage. However, note that if you bet on the dealer, he will take 5% of your winnings.
  • Tie: The chances of a “tie” occurring are slim (9.53%), however, if you have a good feeling, the odds are placed at 8 to 1!

Baccarat strategy: the Martingale

This strategy can be used in different casino games. The principle is extremely simple: always make the same bet by doubling your bet with each new bet.

If it can be very profitable, it is true that this strategy can also make you lose large sums of money (like the strategy of European roulette ends )

Baccarat casino game: how to play it?

baccarat casino rules

If the goal of the baccarat game is to get the closest possible hand to 9, it is not your hand that will win you. Indeed, the key to the game lies in the fact that you will or will not guess who will have the winning hand between the bank, you or if there will be a tie.

As in blackjack, in baccarat you have to know the value of the cards :

  • Ace to 9: each of the cards is worth the written value.
  • Logs – King, Queen, and Jack: are worth zero

However, this is where it gets complicated, your hand will not always be worth the addition of your two cards. Because in baccarat, the value of your hand cannot exceed more than 9. So, if you get a 3 and a 2, your hand will be worth 5. However, if you get a 9 and a 5, then the value of your main will be equal to the value of the units digit of the sum. That is 9+5 = 14, your hand will then be worth 4.

Then, it is provided in the rules of the game whether or not you can draw a new card.

Value of the first two cardsplayer action
From 0 to 5Drawn
6 or 7Stay
8 or 9More draw possible “natural hand”

In addition, the dealer may draw a third card if: 

Value of the dealer’s two cards: The bank draws:
0; 1 or 2He draws a third card regardless of the player’s hand
3If the player draws a third card worth: 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 9
4The player draws a third card worth: 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7
5If the player draws a third card worth: 4; 5; 6; 7
6The player draws a third card worth: 6 or 7
7The dealer passes no matter what.
8 or 9Natural hand no one can shoot.

Progress of a game of baccarat

Step 1 The croupier begins by determining how much he will bet – This sum will serve as a reference to define the stakes of the bettors.
Step 2 It’s the other player’s turn to bet, starting with the player to the dealer’s right.
  • The first player can bet the entire bet of the dealer by announcing “banco”
  • The first player can bet part of the dealer’s bet (ex: half)
  • Subsequent players can complete the previous player’s bet (ex: the previous player bet half, so you can bet the other half or a quarter)
  • Subsequent players can also bet the same amount as the dealer.
Step 3 Definition of “Ponte”, the player who will receive the cards is:
  • The player who placed the biggest bet on the table
  • Or the one who announced banco
  • Or in case of a tie, the one closest to the dealer
Step 4 Distribution of cards. 4 cards are dealt in total, 2 to the dealer and 2 to the deck.
Step 5 Receipt of a third card or not.
Step 6 Whoever has the hand closest to 9 wins the game.
Step 7 Winnings are paid out.

Baccarat games: the different versions

The baccarat game can take many forms. Indeed, like other games, it offers variants. We will explain the differences compared to the classic version:

different card games  Rules of the game
Point Banco This is the classic version whose rules we have just explained above.
  • The role of the bank is performed by a player
  • The punter can choose to stand or draw if their initial hand is equal to 5
  • The bank can choose to hit or stand if his hand is 3 and the punter’s is 9. Or if his hand is 5 and the punter’s is 4.
Baccarat in Bank The role of the bank is also provided by a player:


  • A player becomes the bank if he announces banco and wins his bet
  • Only the bank can bet on his hand
  • If a player announces banco 3 times without winning he can no longer announce it
  • No betting once the bank stake has been reached
  • The bank decides on the 3rd card
Mini Baccarat This is a version that allows you to play baccarat in a more relaxed way.
Super Pan Nine It is the same game as punto banco except that the 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s are removed from the decks of cards.

Baccarat: Online Casino the Best Place to Play

To start playing the baccarat game, it is really advisable to get your hands on a free baccarat game or simply on an online casino in demo mode. But what are the real benefits of playing baccarat online?

  • Take the time to learn the sometimes complicated rules, the value of the cards, the payments, and the chances of winning.
  • Develop a strategy so you can win real money in a land-based casino or simply with live dealers in the live casino.
  • Test the different variations of online baccarat to find out which one you prefer.

Learn how to manage your bets properly so you don’t lose too much money at baccarat when you actually play it. You can start playing for free at Gratowin Casino! Indeed, it is preferable to select a reliable online casino for its first games.

Online Baccarat FAQs

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